What to expect

What’s BarCamp?

Barcamp is a full day unconference where a great bunch of smart people  (you!) get together to share ideas and learn from each other in an open environment. The unconference’s agenda is created by everyone at the beginning of the day. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space. Barcamps typically feature various formats such as  discussions, demos and talks.

BarCampCanberra will be covering a range of topics including Social Innovation, Gov 2.0, Web, Makers/Hackers, Science Communication, Skeptic/Critical Thinking, Sustainability/Environmental and other interdisciplinary topics.

BarCamp Canberra attendees milling around
BarCamp Canberra attendees during a break. Photo by Sharen Scott.

What to do and bring

  • Pre-register at Eventbrite when registrations open (normally a month or so before the event).
  • Bring a laptop, tablet or other device (optional) – It’s great for showing off that program/website you mentioned in your session.
  • Be ready to participate – come with an idea for a session you can lead. You don’t have to be an expert at your topic; as long as it’s not too specific, there’ll probably be someone else present who can help you out. You can also contribute to the conversation during a session. This is a great way to participate, since it spreads knowledge from everyone, instead of just the presenter/session leader.

The schedule

Sessions are a strict 20 minutes long – we recommend allowing 15 minutes to speak and five minutes for questions. Please, no sales pitches! Check out talks from 2014 talks.

Time Description
08:00:00 Unorganisers & volunteers arrive to set up
09:00:00 Registration opens – head over to the registration table to register, then wander over to the schedule and pop down your name and topic if you’re hosting talk
09:30:00 Welcome to BarCamp, announcements, introductions
09:45:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
10:15:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
10:45:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
11:15:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
11:45:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
12:15:00 Lunch
13:15:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
13:45:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
14:15:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
14:45:00 Cupcake camp
15:15:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
15:45:00 20 minute sessions across all rooms
16:15:00 Wrap up + thanks + close
16:30:00 Clean up – as simple as resetting tables and chairs, collecting rubbish and taking down signs. All help is appreciated. 🙂
17:00:00 Post event drinks

BarCamp Canberra 2013 schedule.

BarCamp Canberra 2013 schedule. Photo by Sharen Scott.

Recording the Day

It’s pretty likely that you will have your photo taken during the day.  If you run a session, your photo will almost certainly be taken.  If you are having a good time and deeply involved in conversation and look to be getting something out of the day  – you photo may be taken.  If you don’t wish to have your photo taken – that is no problem.  Just let the person with the camera know.  If you see a photo of yourself posted online – you can ask the photographer to take it down if you wish.

If you take pics, you are welcome to add them to the BarCampCanberra flickr group.

Talks may possibly be recorded for posterity. If you really want your talk recorded, check what gear is in the room you are using.

If you use a slide deck, you might like to share it on slideshare or a similar service after the event. You should bring your slide deck on a USB drive or a laptop.

Post event

Stick around as we’re likely to head out for drinks and/or dinner to celebrate another fantastic BarCamp! If you know of a sponsor who would be happy to sponsor drinks and/or dinner, please get in touch.

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