BarCamp Canberra is an ‘unconference’ that thrives on audience participation – if you attend, you’re encouraged to present, facilitate a discussion, or contribute in any other way you can (e.g. asking questions, volunteer to run the registration desk etc).

Past BarCamp Canberra events have had presentations on everything from the future of books, accessibility, robots, puppetry, science communication, lasers, gov 2.0, introductory tutorials to in-depth technical presentations. Recorded talks from earlier BarCamp Canberra events are available or check out earlier BarCamp Canberra presentations on slideshare.

If this is your first BarCamp, we encourage you to submit a talk or discussion that you’re passionate about.  BarCamp is a great opportunity for new speakers to break into public speaking, and for existing speakers to practice their craft and try new material.

As is traditional BarCamp style, the schedule will be decided the morning of the event. Sessions will be approximately 20 minutes in length.  Participants will be invited to write their talks down and place them in our schedule at their preferred time at the time of registration.

What talks are you planning on giving at BarCamp Canberra? Or what talks will you like to see? Please comment below. (The above words are based upon BarCamp Regina.)

2 thoughts on “Talks”

  1. This year I’m hoping to give a talk on how you can improve the photos that you take – specifically through avoiding use of the flash that is built into the camera. Sure, there are good ways to use your flash – but for most people, flash does more harm than good.

    I’m not a master – so this won’t be a master-class. More like “here is what I’ve learned over the last few years that I wish more people knew”.

    I’ll show some examples of bad photos that would have been better without flash. I’ll also give a demonstration of using “off camera flash” using inexpensive radio triggers as this is one of the best ways I’ve found to take really nice looking photos.

    I’ll be taking photos during the session to illustrate what I’m talking about and happy to take questions.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I’m considering a few topics but only want to deliver one talk so your comments and votes are welcome! I’m thinking:

    1) #EngageTech – what have we learned? – I’m sure like me a few of those attending Bar Camp will have been experimenting with the use of technology for community and stakeholder engagement for several years now. I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned over the years and would like to share some thoughts and hear from others who’ve been working in this space. My lessons are drawn from my own experiences, that of my peers here and OS, case studies collected through the EngageTech events in NSW and QLD and a study I conducted into the use of engagement technology across NSW Gov. During this session I will share some high level lessons and some principles to consider when selecting, developing and implementing tools. I’ll also share the EngageTech spectrum I developed with input from engagement professionals across the globe.

    2) #Consultvs#engage – it’s different. And the approaches and tools to use are different but the terms are used interchangeably. I think separating them will make policy making easier, reduce expenditure, manage expectations, improve policy and program design and streamline implementation, service and program delivery- big call I know, but it’s grounded so let me know if you’re interested. Warning I may also reference codesign and codelivery. 🙂

    3) #OpenGovNextSteps ?- Has anyone else noticed Open Data is increasingly being referred to as Open Gov in Australia? What happened to the other two pillars? Was it just a rebrand? Many think it isn’t and hasn’t been implemented. I don’t have the answer to the question presented in the topic – that’s up to Gov, so I’ll probably play the fence on this one but have quite a bit of content, examples and opinions to add to the discussion.

    4) #Democ&Engage – What does participatory, deliberative and representative democracy apply when talking about community engagement? – I can talk to the differences between the community engagement techniques on and offline, and trends in the industry.

    Please let me know which one interests you most via twitter using the # @Emotivate or through this forum. If I don’t hear I’ll pick my favourite and prepare a short preso.

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

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