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BarCamp Canberra is entirely volunteer-run, so the ‘unorganisers’ rely on supporting organisations and individuals to provide key resources for the event.

Based on the protocol for BarCamps, these are supporters rather than sponsors. There is no set aside presentation time for supporters (although supporter attendees are welcome to present on any topic in the same manner as others), and no over the top signage or promotion of the supporters. We do thank and acknowledge them at the end of the day.

We are interested in support from  companies, agencies and individuals Рsuch as books for prizes, giveaways for attendees or limited financial support, where it allows us to provide services to attendees.

We are also interested in people who are able to help out with logistics or in other capacities during the day (learn more on the Unorganisers page).

If you’re interested in supporting BarCamp Canberra please contact either:

Craig Thomler
craig.thomler (at)

Gavin Tapp

What is BarCamp Canberra?
BarCamp Canberra is a free one-day volunteer-run ‘user-generated’ conference operating on a not-for-profit basis.

The event brings together professionals from a wide range of disciplines to give adhoc presentations on topics such as social innovation, Gov 2.0, web, technical development, science communication, critical thinking, sustainability and the environment.

The event is part of a global network of BarCamps, with over 800 having been held in over 350 cities around the world over the last seven years.

BarCamp Canberra is now in its 7th year and generally attracts 100-150 attendees.

BarCamp Canberra will be held at Gungahlin Library, which will allow us to have up to 150 attendees and three simultaneous streams.

As an unconference, BarCamp doesn’t have set speakers or an agenda. On the morning of the event attendees nominate to speak and, usually, write their presentation name on post-it notes and stick them to a schedule on butcher’s paper.

Other attendees then choose which presentations they attend.

This bottom-up approach is what makes BarCamps unique, as anyone can speak on any topic, allowing for wide-ranging discussions and unique presentations.

What to expect at a BarCamp

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