All done for 2014

Schedule at the close of Barcamp Canberra 2014
Schedule at the close of Barcamp Canberra 2014

Thanks to everyone who came along to Barcamp Canberra in 2014 – we had a great group of people and lots of great talks. A big thank you to Inspiring Australia who provided sponsorship for the event and to the volunteers who helped with organisation or lent a hand on the day.

Some photos are starting to appear on Flickr – make sure you take a look and add comments, tags etc to help describe the photos.

Over the next few weeks, we will edit and publish the videos. I think we have video of all the sessions in the conference rooms, except for the first 2 sessions (the technology took a while to warm up). It would be great to see each of the videos captioned. We have some options for how to do this – we may put out a call for people to help.

Each video will get a blog post on this website. We’re happy to include any related info from the presenter in the blog post – so if you have a slide deck, software download or whatever let us know and we will include it. Similarly, if you send in your presentation materials, we may be able to edit them into the video which can make them videos much better to watch. Send any materials to If they are large files – send us a dropbox link or similar.

We’d really like to hear your feedback from the event, especially if you travelled to Canberra – but a survey sounds like hard work 🙂 If you can take a moment to jot down some brief comments and post them in the comments below or send them to that would be great.

These questions might get you started:

  • What was your favourite session?
  • Why did you come to Barcamp?
  • Would you come again next year?
  • How would you explain Barcamp to a friend?
  • What worked about the event?
  • What didn’t work about the event?
  • Did you think the venue was ok?
  • Would you like to be an unorganiser next year?
  • Anything else you want to tell us?

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to put on a great event – that means everyone who was there. A DIY conference doesn’t happen without people to put it together.

Follow us in all the usual channels. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and join the mailing list using the form at the right of this page.

Stay tuned for videos – and for Barcamp Canberra 2015. You can see all the existing  Barcamp Canberra videos here.

Barcamp Canberra – this Saturday!

Just a few days now before a great day of ideas and information sharing at Barcamp Canberra 2014. We are going to have a great day – here are things you should know before you arrive.

Places still available

We have room for more people – bring a friend! Register here


Don’t forget, we are at a new venue this year at Gungahlin Library.


  • Registrations start at 9:00 with the first session starting at 9:30.
  • There are five  20 minute sessions in the morning, with lunch at 12:15 and cupcakes 2:45.
  • The last session finishes at about 4:15pm
  • Ruth and Gavin will do a “Barcamp for newbies” session at the start of the day – this is a great way to begin your day if you are new to Barcamp and not sure where to start.

Talks can be on almost anything

But the audience can vote with their feet. Make sure your talk is engaging and gives your audience something valuable. Don’t feel limited to giving a lecture with powerpoint (please!).

There are also some rules of Barcamp that you can read here


As with past years, please bring your own name tag. You can make it fancy to make an impression or just keep it simple 🙂

We need volunteers on the day

If you can help out with a job on the day, get in touch. You’ll score a cool tshirt for your efforts! More info here.


Thanks to support from our partner, we are providing fresh whole fruit for morning tea.

We are running a cupcake camp, which will provide afternoon tea. Please make sure your delicious cupcakes are ready to serve and labelled with your name and the type of cake. If you are bringing cupcakes that suit people with special dietary needs, make sure you also note that on the label too.


Unlike past years, we aren’t providing lunch this year. While it has been great to put on lunch, it also requires a lot of organisation and adds a risk leaving people hungry or running over time. Given Barcamp is an unconference, we thought it might be better to let you find your own lunch. You can bring your own, or buy something nearby. There are a couple of supermarkets and bakeries nearby, along with sushi, noodles, mexican, burgers and lots of other options.

Lunch will be between 12:15 and 13:15 – so you will have time to find something you like.

BYO lunch also means that people with special dietary needs can have something that they know they will enjoy.


Coffee is available before 10am from a couple of nearby cafes on Hibberson St. After 10am there is a cafe on the main level of the library that makes great coffee.


There are also boiling / chilled water dispensers in each of the rooms we are using. Please BYO your own cup/mug/drinkbottle.

Recording talks

We will record video from the two conference rooms to capture the ideas from the day. At this stage we also plan to livestream talks from Conference Room 1. If you are giving a talk that you would prefer not to record/stream – make sure you use Conference room 2, and let the Room God know not to record you.

You can see videos from past years here.


The hashtag for this year is #bcc2014. Feel free to use this hashtag when you post photos to flickr or youtube videos or other places too.

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Mug/keepcup
  • Nametag
  • Cupcakes
  • Notepad
  • Ideas
  • An enquiring mind 🙂


You can email the Barcamp Canberra team at or tweet us at @barcampcanberra

Can’t make it?

You can follow along via the live video stream, and by keeping an eye on the hashtag.

If you have registered to attend, but can’t make it – don’t forget to cancel your ticket here

Volunteers needed!

For BarCamp Canberra to run as smoothly as previous years we need YOU!

We need some on the day volunteers

Can you help with:

  • Setting up on the day
  • Time keeping in rooms
  • Serving as ‘Room God’
  • Photography
  • Help with Video recording the rooms
  • Helping with morning tea and cupcake camp

All up we need about 15 people, this will we can give people a break, it also means that you may only be needed for half the day so you can still experience lots of BarCamp.

So what will you get?

You mean a part from the satisfaction of being involved with a great community event?? Well we will also give you a Barcamp Canberra T-shirt to make you part of the team and say thanks!

You don’t need to be experienced and you won’t be on your own

Ready to go?

Get in touch with us by sending an email to , leaving a comment below or tweeting to us at @barcampcanberra

Presentation tools and technology

Unusual forms of presentation are welcome at Barcamp – please don’t feel you need to stand at a lectern talking to a slide deck (in fact, please don’t do this – at any conference). Interactive sessions that include and work with your audience are much better for both the presenter and the listeners, so think about how you will present as much as what you will present. Talk, draw, listen, build etc.

Having said all that – there are some presentation aids available that you are welcome to use.

We will have two or three rooms in use at Barcamp depending on how many people we have present on the day.

We will have a Computers on Wheels (COWs) in each of the conference rooms. Each of these has a mac mini and Apple TV fixed to the rear of the screen.

The Apple TV can be used to to wirelessly show the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer. If you are an Apple user – this is an easy way to go.

If you wish to bring slides or other files to display on a screen, you can use the Mac Mini to show them. These computers have Apple Keynote installed which can open Powerpoint files – thought you might expect some formatting variance.

Each conference room also has a small whiteboard, a lectern and microphone.

We will have video cameras recording in both conference rooms, with the videos published to the Barcamp Canberra youtube account a week or two after the event. Any other rooms will be free of cameras (unless you bring your own) – go for these rooms if you prefer to stay ‘off the record’.

CupcakeCamp is back for 2014


Attendees enjoying cupcakes at BarCamp Canberra
BarCamp Canberra attendees enjoying a range of cupcakes from CupcakeCamp. Photo by Gavin Tapp

CupcakeCamp is returning to Barcamp Canberra 2014! So what is CupcakeCamp? From

CupcakeCamp is an ad-hoc community gathering born from the desire for people to share and eat cupcakes in an open environment. CupcakeCamp was originally created by Ariel Waldman.

In the spirit of openness and community, CupcakeCamp is about sharing your yummy homemade cupcakes with your fellow BarCamp Canberra attendees, so people can eat them for free at the event. The event will happen on the same day and place as BarCamp Canberra – 15th March 2014, at afternoon tea time.

We will run a ‘People’s Choice’ award for people’s favourite cupcake. A fun prize will be awarded to the People’s Choice cupcake.

Linux penguins 2013 cupcakes
Linux penguin cupcakes made by Lana Brindley. Photo by Ruth Ellison

I want to take part. What do I need to do?

CupcakeCamp is opened to everyone. To take part, just bring along your finished cupcakes to BarCamp Canberra. All cupcakes will need to be at BarCamp Canberra by 12pm, in time for the event at afternoon tea time. There are no limits on how many cupcakes you can bring.

To make it easier for everyone, we suggest the following:

  • Make a sign explaining what it is (e.g. “Triple choc cupcakes”, “Beer batter maple bacon cupcakes”)
  • List the ingredients that it may contain so those with allergies will know what’s in it
  • A way to display your cupcakes – doesn’t have to be fancy.
Beer batter maple bacon cupcakes
Beer batter maple bacon cupcakes, photo by Sharen Scott

Do we bake or decorate the cupcakes at the event?

Nope. Please bring your finished cupcakes ready to go.  You’ll be too busy enjoying the rest of Barcamp Canberra to be decorating cupcakes 🙂

Can I take part even if I don’t bring cupcakes?

Yes. This is about openness and collaboration. Let’s eat collaboratively.

Range of cupcakes laid on a table
Cupcakes at an earlier BarCamp Canberra event. Photo by Gavin Tapp.

Registrations are open

Registrations are open for Barcamp Canberra 2014. Head on over to Eventbrite to sign up.

Returning for its 7th year, Barcamp will bring together a great bunch of smart people who are ready to share ideas and learn from each other.

A couple of things to note about Barcamp this year. We’ve been thinking about how to make lunch work for everyone without becoming expensive and forcing a ticket price to cover costs. Instead of doing spending lots and pleasing few, we think it will be better to let you make your own choices. Closer to the event we’ll provide some information on nearby places where you can find food. There is a good selection of places nearby. Or of course you can BYO. We might event look at some ways to group people together to keep things social.

We will provide fresh fruit for morning tea, and the cupcake competition will (hopefully) provide afternoon tea. There is are boiling/chilled water dispensers throughout the library. You’re welcome to bring along a mug and your favourite tea.

It also looks like we won’t be providing free coffee this year – but there is a cafe in the library that opens at 10am, and some nearby cafes that are open early. More info on these later when we give you tips on places to find lunch. There is still an outside chance we can find a way to provide free coffee – we are exploring a few options. Stay tuned.

And remember we are at a new venue this year – the Gungahlin Library. We’ll post more info about this in the next week or two, but its worth noting that we are moving away from the Civic in 2014.

Barcamp Canberra – What is it like?

The name “Barcamp” doesn’t necessarily tell you much about what is going to happen on the day, or the type of event you can expect. You can read about the origin of Barcamps here. We thought it might be helpful to have a few people at Barcamp use their own words to desrcibe the event and what they like about it. Here are the first of five very short interviews recorded at Barcamp 2013.

Save the date for Barcamp Canberra – March 15, 2014

We have a venue, and can announce that Barcamp Canberra 2014 will take place on March 15 at Gungahlin Library.

More details to come in the next week or two. Make sure you follow us on Twitter or join the mailing list using the form at the right of this page.

In keeping with the Unconference style, we are keeping things pretty lean this year. Its all about having a great community of people on the day. If you want to get involved, we will need some on the day helpers and of course, you can always channel your energy into running a session.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please get in touch. Most sponsors chip in between $100 and $500 which goes toward food and drink. We are also considering micro sponsorship with stickers or tshirts as a reward. Leave a comment below if you would be interested in this option.

We are considering not providing lunch this year. There are quite a few good lunch options near the venue, and it means that people can have a better selection to suit their diet. Lunch also tends to be the most difficult part of the day in terms of pleasing people and arranging logistics.  Happy to take comments on this too – especially if you have ideas about how lunch can be a continuation of the event rather than an interruption.

We also intend for Cupcake Camp to return again for 2014. We are looking for prizes and judges.