Panopticon, Surveilance and the NSA

Possibly the most philosophical session of Barcamp Canberra 2014, Pascal, Jahla and Shruti start a discussion into the social effects of surveillance, drawing on Bentham’s Panopticon and Foucault’s critical use thereof as a social theory. The discussion unfurls, covering privacy, the (self-)disciplinary effects of surveillance, NSA leaks, and more.

Distro Astro and Open Rocket – Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith talks about Distroastro – a linux distribution created to bring together a range of astronomy software.

Jessica also does a quick demo of Open rocket.

Twitter @itgrrl
DistroAstro website –

Open Rocket –


State of the art photography – Shanx Bose

Sorry for the poor audio for the first 2/3 of this talk! It’s worth sticking with.

Shanx talks through the creation of hyper-real photos, using compositing and multi-strobe techniques. Lot’s of amazing images to look at in this presentation, and info on how they were created.


The images below link to flickr if you want to take a closer look:
Light It Up! (Redux)
Under the Bridge
State of the Art of the Portrait
Lighthouse View
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Carried Away...
Go Australia
Level Up
Bring It


Unexplained anger, depression and anxiety? Consider food chemicals: Jude Burger

Jude Burger sharing her experience dealing with food intolerance and using an elimination diet. And poop!

More info available in Jude’s book “The food and mood book”
on the web
on twitter: