Are you ready for Barcamp Canberra?

Barcamp Canberra 2012 is less than two weeks away!
We hope that you’ve been preparing yourself for what will be a day full of new insights and ideas.
Here are some things to think about:

If you can’t make Barcamp, let us know early!

Tickets sold out two weeks ago – but there’s people on the waiting list who would love to attend. We have increased the total number of tickets, but its likely the event will still ‘sell out’ (if you can say that for a free event!)
If you aren’t able to come, make sure you go to the eventbrite ticketing website to return your ticket – otherwise you may be depriving someone else of the opportunity to attend Barcamp.

Where to go!

The College of Business and Economics, at Australian National University
Link to Google map:

Can you lend us video/audio recording gear?

In past years we’ve tried to make audio audio or video recordings of every talk to make them available online after the event (except where people have asked not to be recorded).
If you have a video camera or audio recorder and are happy to either record sessions or lend the equipment to the Barcamp organisers for part or all of the day, please leave a comment to let us know.

You will be captured!

On that same note – part of the nature of Barcamps is that all aspects of the day are open to sharing. Expect lots of tweeting, live streaming, cameras and video recording – even of the audience. If you don’t want to be included you can ask people to exclude you, but sometimes this may not be possible. After the day, you could ask people to untag you from photos or recordings – but its better to go with the flow of the event and be a full part of the event.

If posting photos, video or tweets online – use the hashtag #barcampcbr and make sure you follow @barcampcanberra for important tweets before and on the day.

Cupcake camp

Last year we launched the first Barcamp Canberra Cupcake Camp (try saying that quickly) which proved to be very popular. We’ll be doing it again this year – though with greater focus on the eating and less on the competition! Yay! Cupcakes!

Details will be provided in a further email – but for now, start thinking about your favourite recipe.

BYO badges

To help minimise Barcamp’s costs and environmental impact we won’t be providing name tags. Please bring your own, either recycle from another event or, even better, make an original badge.

Dietary needs

We are still making final plans for lunch. If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know as soon as possible so we can cater for you.

What to bring

  • Your presentation – if you’re planning on giving one (and we encourage you to!)
  • A mug or keepcup. We plan to have a barista onsite like last year, however coffee probably won’t be free all day (it pays to arrive on time).
  • A water bottle. Lots of water will be available (particularly if it rains).
  • Your smartphones, laptops, tablets or internet-capable sunglasses so you can participate online. The venue has wifi available for your use.
  • Your namebadge
  • cupcakes, ideas, energy and an open mind!

Supporting Barcamp

Barcamp Canberra is run by volunteers and is held thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

If you’re aware of any organisations that might wish to support Barcamp either this year or in future, please let us know.

Barcamp Canberra – On again, Saturday 17th March 2012

The 5th Canberra Barcamp is fast approaching – and if you have been before, you’ll know just what that means. But for a lot of people – its a new label, and probably a bit of a puzzle.

Is there a bar? What sort of cocktails will they have? Are there tents? A campfire?

No? Then just what they heck is it? Let’s just say that there is a good explanation – but its probably not worth worrying about too much now.

What you need to know is that BarCamp is a gathering to share ideas, meet new people and learn new stuff. It is free to attend and is a voluntary run, non-commercial event.

Anyone can speak, run a demonstration, host a discussion or even perform a song! Expect sessions to cover all sorts of topics, and vary widely in style. There is normally a lot of interaction between the speaker and the crowd – each asking questions and offering ideas. Its a great place to bring tricky problems for discussion by a diverse group of smart people.

Barcamp Canberra is part of a larger series of events that happen across the world each sharing a name and a couple of common aspects. They emerged from the tech scene in California – but now extend into many non-tech topics and communities.

Barcamp Canberra in past years has included a number of great talks regarding government and technology – reflecting both the location and the background of the barcamp movement. But a key thing about a self organising conference is that you can’t predict what the talks will be on the day. Based on past years, you could expect talks on solar panels, website development, creating maps, soil science – and any number of other things.

The magic of barcamp is the coming together of people with different skills and experience and seeing how they can share what they know for mutual benefit. Art meets science.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly vague plan for the day – come and see, it just works.

Look out for announcements on twitter @barcampcanberra

If you’ve been to a previous barcamp – how would you explain it to a newcomer? Post your ideas in the comments below.

BarCamp Canberra – Finished for 2011

BarCamp Canberra is finished for another year – but we would love to hear what you thought, and keep the conversations going.

As an unconference, its hard to predict what the day will bring – but no one was injured, and the new venue remained intact (which must be some small measure of success). About 130 people attended and there were about 50 talks. CupcakeCamp proved to be popular. There were zombies and pirates and Gov2.0 experts. Coffee and talk flowed freely. Lots of photos from the day have been posted to flickr.

If you came along – did you enjoy the day? Was there a particular session that you liked, or conversation that inspired you? Or was there something that you didn’t like or would do differently next year? Post a comment with your thoughts below. If you are a blogger – feel free to include a link to your blog post about BarCamp Canberra 2011.

BarCamp Canberra will be returning in 2012. If you are interested in becoming an unorganiser please let us know. BarCamp relies on your participation and there is always room for improvement. Getting involved is the best way to ensure that BarCamp Canberra stays awesome!