BarCamp Canberra is back!

Hi and welcome from the 2016 unorganising team.

After taking a break last year, we’re back and preparing for a new event, featuring a day of impromptu talks on interesting topics spanning technology, arts, government, usability, innovation and more.
We’re looking to hold the event on either the first or second Saturday of April, so keep those dates free. However that’s subject to change depending on venue availability.

To be notified when we confirm the date, please join our mailing list (see the form on each page). We’ll email you to let you know when and where it will be held and when you can register for the event. Don’t know what a BarCamp is? Start here

We need your help

This is the sixth year for the event and we wanted to ask you, as the attendees, presenters and supporters, for some advice on how we rethink some key things.

Firstly, we’ll like your views on whether we should rename BarCamp Canberra, and what the new name might be. ‘BarCamp’ is not well known as a concept and, let’s face it, lacks impact – we’d love your suggestions on what we could call the event moving forward.

Secondly, we’d like your views on whether there’s anything we should change about the approach to the event on the day. Is there anything you think we can improve, tweak or add to make it an even greater experience than in last years?

Leave your comments below, or if you want to make them privately, email

Call out to sponsors

We run this event on less than a shoe string – and every dollar or service provided in support helps the day become more special and fulfilling for participants.

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting the longest running Canberra grassroots unconference, please email us today.

4 thoughts on “BarCamp Canberra is back!”

  1. I’m very open to a name change. For example, I think Unconference Canberra is much clearer. And while many people may not know what an Unconference is, the concept is more widely known than ‘barcamp’ and it contains ‘conference’ which is a good clue.

  2. BarCamp and Unconference are both global brands that I am aware of, based on media coverage of overseas events. In my mind, the two names describe roughly the same event.

    I prefer ‘Unconference Canberra’ over ‘BarCamp Canberra’, as the name gives a better sense of the event’s format. ‘Conference’ gives a clue to the nature of the event, and the ‘Un-‘ creates an element of intrigue in the mind of the person encountering the name for the first time.

    In my mind, ‘BarCamp’ is a type of event that is very heavy on tech/software-related talks, whereas ‘Unconference’ is more hospitable for talks about subjects that are generally-interesting to intelligent people. Does that fit with your aims of the conference? Are you happy extending beyond tech/software domain?

    To recap, I prefer ‘Unconference Canberra’. Not being in the IT industry, I am personally interested in general-interest talks.

  3. I am a huge OST fan and this will likely be my first OST down under. Yeah, I generally find “unconference” to be the most known and marketable term. So “something unconference something” or some variation thereof will probably be better. Maybe link it to the whole innovation thing?

  4. I think the “Bar camp” name’s a bit too convoluted for newcomers to latch-onto (e.g. most people I mention it to who’re unfamiliar with it assume it’s something to with drinking in a bar). Even if explain how it came about, I get a lot of “Who’s Tim O’Reilly?” responses.

    “Unconference” is better, but it’s still pretty generic (It’s _an_ unconference, not _the_ unconference) – My preference would be for it to have its own, more unique, glib name like “Brainfest” or something.

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