Volunteers needed!

For BarCamp Canberra to run as smoothly as previous years we need YOU!

We need some on the day volunteers

Can you help with:

  • Setting up on the day
  • Time keeping in rooms
  • Serving as ‘Room God’
  • Photography
  • Help with Video recording the rooms
  • Helping with morning tea and cupcake camp

All up we need about 15 people, this will we can give people a break, it also means that you may only be needed for half the day so you can still experience lots of BarCamp.

So what will you get?

You mean a part from the satisfaction of being involved with a great community event?? Well we will also give you a Barcamp Canberra T-shirt to make you part of the team and say thanks!

You don’t need to be experienced and you won’t be on your own

Ready to go?

Get in touch with us by sending an email to info@barcampcanberra.org , leaving a comment below or tweeting to us at @barcampcanberra

3 thoughts on “Volunteers needed!”

    1. Never too late! If you can arrive a bit early (like 8:45 or so) and find one of the organisers in blue tshirts we will find a job that suits you. Thanks! 🙂

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