Presentation tools and technology

COW (Computer on Wheels)

Unusual forms of presentation are welcome at Barcamp – please don’t feel you need to stand at a lectern talking to a slide deck (in fact, please don’t do this – at any conference). Interactive sessions that include and work with your audience are much better for both the presenter and the listeners, so think about how you will present as much as what you will present. Talk, draw, listen, build etc.

Having said all that – there are some presentation aids available that you are welcome to use.

We will have two or three rooms in use at Barcamp depending on how many people we have present on the day.

We will have a Computers on Wheels (COWs) in each of the conference rooms. Each of these has a mac mini and Apple TV fixed to the rear of the screen.

The Apple TV can be used to to wirelessly show the screen of your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer. If you are an Apple user – this is an easy way to go.

If you wish to bring slides or other files to display on a screen, you can use the Mac Mini to show them. These computers have Apple Keynote installed which can open Powerpoint files – thought you might expect some formatting variance.

Each conference room also has a small whiteboard, a lectern and microphone.

We will have video cameras recording in both conference rooms, with the videos published to the Barcamp Canberra youtube account a week or two after the event. Any other rooms will be free of cameras (unless you bring your own) – go for these rooms if you prefer to stay ‘off the record’.

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