All done for 2014

Schedule at the close of Barcamp Canberra 2014
Schedule at the close of Barcamp Canberra 2014

Thanks to everyone who came along to Barcamp Canberra in 2014 – we had a great group of people and lots of great talks. A big thank you to Inspiring Australia who provided sponsorship for the event and to the volunteers who helped with organisation or lent a hand on the day.

Some photos are starting to appear on Flickr – make sure you take a look and add comments, tags etc to help describe the photos.

Over the next few weeks, we will edit and publish the videos. I think we have video of all the sessions in the conference rooms, except for the first 2 sessions (the technology took a while to warm up). It would be great to see each of the videos captioned. We have some options for how to do this – we may put out a call for people to help.

Each video will get a blog post on this website. We’re happy to include any related info from the presenter in the blog post – so if you have a slide deck, software download or whatever let us know and we will include it. Similarly, if you send in your presentation materials, we may be able to edit them into the video which can make them videos much better to watch. Send any materials to If they are large files – send us a dropbox link or similar.

We’d really like to hear your feedback from the event, especially if you travelled to Canberra – but a survey sounds like hard work 🙂 If you can take a moment to jot down some brief comments and post them in the comments below or send them to that would be great.

These questions might get you started:

  • What was your favourite session?
  • Why did you come to Barcamp?
  • Would you come again next year?
  • How would you explain Barcamp to a friend?
  • What worked about the event?
  • What didn’t work about the event?
  • Did you think the venue was ok?
  • Would you like to be an unorganiser next year?
  • Anything else you want to tell us?

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to put on a great event – that means everyone who was there. A DIY conference doesn’t happen without people to put it together.

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Stay tuned for videos – and for Barcamp Canberra 2015. You can see all the existing  Barcamp Canberra videos here.

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