Video sadness

I have reviewed the video captured at the event, and I have some bad news.

While we have video of all the talks in Studio 1 – the audio is not great, and I’m still working on slicing up the talks ready for upload (if anyone knows about editing AVCHD files, let me know). I hope to have these online next week.

The worse news is that for about half the talks in the Teal room, we may not have audio. We have beautifully shot video – but not audio. I’ve had suggestions from a few people that this might open up some opportunities for Hercules Returns style overdubbing – but I’m not so sure. There may be some audio recorded on a 2nd camera – I’ll know for sure soon.

Mae culpa – I take the blame. The arrangement of equipment that we used in the Teal room was only assembled for the first time that morning, and I missed a step where the correct audio track was sent to the recorder. Or more accurately, it was working first thing in the morning – but later reset and the configuration was screwed up. I didn’t notice and fix it until just before John Sheridan’s talk.

Sorry! In the meantime, two talks are on youtube now – a post for the first one coming up now.

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