Post Barcamp High!

Photo credit: share_s on flickr

Barcamp is done for another year – but there are still some things to do before we go back into hibernation for another year.


A big thank you to everyone who came along and was part of the day. As I said at the opening of the day, this is an event that has “some assembly required” and relies on the people present to build their own conference on the day. We had a great mix of talks – and a very switched on audience throughout the day. Great work.

The next thank you to the volunteers that helped put the event together, and helped on the day. Craig, Clare, Sharon, Sam, Pascal who did a lot in the lead up and on the day – and Ruth, Lozz, Trib, Tim, David and many others that helped out in the lead up to the event. Each of these people contribute to this event because they understand the specialness of the unconference format – and understand why its a great part of the Canberra calendar.

Sponsors – we could not feed the masses without you 🙂 Thanks to the Department of Finance who have been supporters for the last few years. Delib who lots of help managing the finances for the event (not to mention Craig’s contribution). Acid Labs who provided the much needed coffee in the morning – @Trib has been a long term part of the Barcamp Community – and though he couldn’t be there in person – we appreciated the coffee. Agileware are a new sponsor this year – thank you very much, we hope to see you again next year. Also a special thank you to Rob Fitzgerald and the University of Canberra Inspire Centre for making their venue available to us – it is an excellent space for an unconference.

Photos from the day

There are some photos appearing on flickr – and more on the way. You are welcome to add your own to the group – don’t forget to set them to Creative Commons License (CC-BY) so that people can reuse them.

Blog posts

If you blog about your experience of the day – or the talk that you gave – post a link to it in the comments below. We will post a page here that lists all the talks with links to relevant media.


We have the video that was recorded in the two rooms and will process it over the next week or two. I’ll add the talks here as they become available.

Stay in touch

Make sure you stay in touch with Barcamp. Sign up for the mailing list on the homepage here. We send about 4 emails a year between January and April when the event is ‘awake’.

You can also follow on twitter at @barcampcanberra or email us at

Help with Barcamp Canberra 2014

If you would like to help with Barcamp Canberra next year, use the form below to send us some details. You need to be able to take on a specific task like ordering food or managing ticketing – it probably requires a few hours a week for about a month, plus helping out on the day.

We are also keen to hear from sponsors! The overall budget for the event is very low. Somewhere around $2,500 depending on how fancy lunch is. If your organisation is able to contribute a few hundred dollars – we can make it go a long way and you can be helping with one of the regions most interesting gatherings.

Other events you might be interested in

If you like Barcamp Canberra – there are some other idea sharing events which might interest you:

  • Govhack / Govcamp is a hack day followed by an unconference with a focus on government innovation and open data. If you are interested in data mashups, rapid prototyping, data visualisation or producing websites or apps, you should check it out. If you are interested in an unconference about Government – come to Govcamp.
  • TEDxCanberra happens in September/October and is heading into its 4th year. Tickets disappear very quickly – but if you have been a fan of TED talks online, its great to see a similar event taking place in Canberra with local speakers giving the talk of their lives. Sign up for the mailing list to have the best chance of scoring a ticket.

If you know of other events in the Canberra region that share this focus on knowledge sharing, please post in the comments below.

That’s all for now

We’ll add some of the products from this year’s Barcamp over the next few weeks – but for now, thanks very much and we hope to see you at Barcamp Canberra 2014.

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