Barcamp today!

17th March 2012 (image shows James Dellow presenting in front of a whiteboard)
Barcamp Canberra 2012 starts at 9:00am today (Saturday)!


The day kicks off just after 9am – but if you want to arrive early to help setup, that is just fine. Look for the unorgnisers in blue shirts who can tell you where help is needed.

Where to go!

The College of Business and Economics, at Australian National University

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What to bring

  • A mug or keepcup. A mobile coffee van will be outside the building at about 10am, there will be free coffee for a while, but not all day.
  • A water bottle. Lots of water will be available (particularly if it rains).
  • Your smartphones, laptops, tablets or internet-capable sunglasses so you can participate online. The venue has wifi available for your use.
  • Your namebadge – create your own or recycle an old one
  • Your presentation – if you’re planning on giving one (and we encourage you to!)
  • cupcakes for the cupcake camp
  • ideas, energy and an open mind!
  • Camera, audio / video recorders to capture the magic speaking of which

Cupcake Competition

It would be a wonderful thing if you make and bring cupcakes to barcamp! There will be a very light and entertaining judging – but really, who doesn’t just like eating cake?

You will be captured!

Part of the nature of a Barcamp is that all aspects of the day are shared. Expect lots of tweeting, live streaming, cameras and video recording – even of the audience. If you don’t want to be included you can ask people to exclude you, but sometimes this may not be possible. After the day, you could ask people to untag you from photos or recordings – but its better to go with the flow of the event and be a full part of the event.

App Development

We’ve heard that one barcamper will be running an all day development session in the foyer, so if you would like to learn how apps are developed, or to help design and build an app make sure you find them.

Sharing during and after the event

If posting photos, video or tweets online – use the hashtag #barcampcbr and make sure you follow @barcampcanberra for important tweets before and on the day.

Our Sponsors

We’ve had support from a number of sponsors to put on Barcamp Canberra again this year. They are all doing interesting things, and worth seeking out and talking to. Some of them will even have freebies to give away!


Tickets are still available, though there are only a few left. Grab a ticket from here.
If you can’t make it that’s no problem. Drop me an email and let me know

About Barcamp

Ruth (one of the unorganisers) recently attended Melbourne Maker Faire where they posted this notice. We think this suits the ethos of Barcamp really well, and include it here for your consideration .

 – Do-ocracy: We’ve created this event and the spaces within it to provide makers the opportunity to showcase what they do. It’s your day and we want you to take advantage of it. We’re running this event with volunteer help, donated facilities and services, and limited funds. It will help us immensely if you to take ownership of your needs and help to make the day a great one for yourself and everyone else. You don’t need to ask permission to do something excellent, particularly where it won’t adversely effect others. If you see something that needs doing, or a problem that needs to be addressed, please step in and fix it yourself. If you’re in doubt whether your action is a good choice for others, whether it is safe or whether you can handle it alone, find a buddy and work on it together: grab another maker or a volunteer and work out a solution.

Switch the word ‘maker’ for ‘barcamper’ and I think you see what we like in this message. Its a free form day – so take full advantage by working together.

See you on Saturday.

Kind regards,

Gavin and your Unorganisers

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